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Honoring Our Story Keepers

Be sure to take a little time and find out about the precious people who are the "Story Keepers" of the StoryBox. Find out a little bit about them and how they brought the StoryBox to their community. It is because of them that the StoryBox touches so many people. If you would like to be a "Story Keeper" be sure to visit our "Request The StoryBox" form.

Story Keeper Reports

Mary Jo HuffName: Mary Jo Huff
Location: Newburgh, Indiana

  1. Specific place story was shared:

    Elementary School on Aug. 29 and Daniel Wertz Elementary School on Aug. 30. The students were introduced to the stories in the box and listened to stories before they wrote their own stories. Friday, Aug. 31 the box was explored by students at the University of Southern Indiana. The RiverTown StoryTellers OOOOOHED and AGHHHHHED on Tuesday, Sept. 4. On Sept. 5 Mary Jo and the box traveled to the University of Evansville to be explored by the education students. On Sept. 7 the box was introduced to all 5th grade students at Chandler Elementary school. The students read stories and listened to the stories before writing their own stories. They are in the midst of a 6 train writing project.

    On Saturday, Sept. 8 the StoryBox was featured at the Literacy Day event sponsored by the Courier & Press Newspaper.

    This has been a community event and the entire experience has enabled hundreds to get a small taste of storytelling and the power of writing stories.

  2. Biography:

    Mary Jo Huff is an award winning Author, Storyteller, and Early Childhood Consultant. Mary Jo does Keynotes around the country on the power of language and is passionate about literacy. She also presents workshops, staff development, family nights, puppet play along with storytelling for adult audiences. Mary Jo has produced an awarding DVD, Storytelling CD and authored award winning resource books.

  3. How did you share the stories in The StoryBox?

    The box was placed on a table for the students and adults to examine. Stories were picked out and read. In the Elementary Schools Mary Jo told stories with each group. The project was explained at every site that was visited.

  4. How did you add to The StoryBox?

    There is an additional StoryBox traveling with the original big box. Since the StoryBox was with so many children there was not enough room for our projects. A new purple box was included and place in the mailing container. We have stories from young students and college students. A DVD was added along with information from our literacy group.

  5. How did you take care of The StoryBox?

    The StoryBox was on the go so it had a place of honor in my van with a seat belt to keep it safe.

  6. What would you remind or recommend to someone who is caring for the box?

    Prepare for the box ahead of time. Make contacts and arrange for an introduction to storytelling.

    I would recommend taking good care of all contents and putting them in envelopes to protect the paper. Play the CDs or DVDs and enjoy the experience. Tell stories from the box and introduce the areas of the world that the box has visited. We used a world map and the children had a better understanding of where the box has been and where it is going. Also, repair the box before sending it forward — it will become fragile.

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