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Help the StoryBox Project
How can I help?
  1. Share your story and encourage others to participate by sending their stories to the StoryBox website (via the form) or physical dropping off stories in a local StoryBox.

  2. Becoming a Story Ambassador.

  3. Serving as a Story Keeper

What's the Difference?
A Story Ambassador is someone who receives the StoryBox and for up to three weeks arranges for the StoryBox to be in their city, town, or country. This person agrees to host the StoryBox and plan Storytelling and Story events that foster a community-wide appeal to bring stories and create stories for this their locale. A Story Ambassador is responsible for taking care of the StoryBox. He or she does not pay to receive just to "pass it forward."

We have had Story Ambassadors bring stories to folk festivals, prisons, a school on an island, and a host of many other places. Story Ambassadors have created coffee house gatherings, story writing of personal tales, storytelling contests, festivals and so much more.

A Story Keeper is someone who keeps the StoryBox for a longer period of time. This is for organizers who want to bring their own StoryBox Project in their hometown. The StoryBox is created and held specifically to start a new StoryBox to travel around the world only to return to the hosting place. However, before it starts out, it collects stories from the local schools, churches, civic organizations, etc… The idea is that the StoryBox becomes a resource for the community and country’s stories. The StoryBox is held from three to six months before it travels.

With the partnership of the Multicultural Center at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, over Story Keepers made and hosted StoryBoxes. StoryBoxes were gathered from places such as Kerouac Kafe, art groups like Wild Goose Creative, high and elementary schools, The Hillel Jewish Student Center, and the James Thurber House. This event culminated with a two day community wide and university wide storytelling festival featuring stories for all the StoryBoxes.

Whether you are contributing a story or hosting a StoryBox, each effort helps the stories to travel. It shows that, "together we can make a difference with story."

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