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StoryBox Ambassadors

Be sure to take a little time and find out about the StoryBox "Story Ambassadors." Learn how the Story Ambassador receives the StoryBox and arranges for the StoryBox to be in their city, town, or country. It is because of them that the StoryBox touches so many people. If you would like to be a "Story Ambassador" be sure to visit our "Request The StoryBox" form.

Story Ambassadors

Layne GneitingLayne Gneiting, Professional Storyteller and Arizona State University Lecturer, is a StoryBox Story Ambassador.

Beginning March of 2009, Magic around the Bend and StoryBox Project teamed up together to bring a magical tour of storytelling and cycling, coast to coast.

Layne will ride his bicycle from Ozette, Washington to Lubec, Maine telling and collecting stories along the way. He begins his tour May 25, 2009 and will ride 12 1/2 weeks collecting stories and awakening the power of storytelling! Want to come along? Take a look at Layne's itinerary and come join him!

Everyone can enjoy Layne's journey, coast to coast, by visiting his journal.

Follow Layne and his family on this map.

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